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A genetics study published in September 2007 in the French publication Le Chaînon of the "Société franco-ontarienne d'histoire et de généalogie" [SFOHG], a translation of the original article entitled "Catherine Pillard, a King's daughter of Algonquian-Siberian origin, born in France about 1651... What is wrong with this picture ?" also published in the Michigan's Habitant Heritage [FCHSM] Vol 29 No 2 Spring 2008, created quite a controversy in the genealogical world. It was to be expected with this kind of study.

Catherine Pillard and her husband, Pierre Charron have quite a large descendancy, many of them known as Charron dit Ducharme, which are spead all over America.

It was enough for historians, genealogists and demographs to cast a cloud of doubts over the results of the mtDNA tests in question. The subject of DNA testing does not sit well with genealogists, that's a known fact. But the controversy surrounding the various interpretations of the genetics tests and the negative comments which followed motivated many researchers to dig deeper into the traditional world of genealogy, in order to solve the mystery.

For those who are interested by this subject, you will find here the various  articles published in Le Chaînon and the Michigan's Habitant Heritage, regarding the dubious origins of Catherine Pillard. It's up to the readers to reach whatever conclusions they judge appropriate...

We have included a few articles of interest on the subject of genetic genealogy, Gillette Banne & Catherine Pillard sharing the same Haplotype and a new controversy, this time about the genealogy and DNA results of the Doucet family of Acadia.

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