Welcome to our genealogy website. We would like to invite you to spend a few moments of your time with us and the descendants of our ancestors, Jacques Énaud-dit-Canada and Robert Leclerc.

You are welcome to browse thru our family genealogy database; who knows, you just might find information on some of your own ancestors listed in here !

Naturally, a family genealogy website would not even exist if there weren't any ancestors to talk about ! Some are ambiguous and difficult to trace, therefore, leaving a lot of room for interpretation ! One of our ancestors sure fits that description, so we have dedicated a few web pages to Jacques Énaud-dit-Canada, hoping to shed some light on this rather controversial subject. You will also find an excellent article about the various Hénault ancestors who migrated to Nouvelle-France, and the whereabouts of their descendants today.

 We have dedicated a whole section to another one of our ancestors, Robert Leclerc, master carpenter, and his wife Marie Jalais, a "King's daughter (fille du Roy)": three generations of Leclercs awarded the coveted rank of "King's Carpenter".

A new section has been added for all the Leclerc, Leclair, Leclère, etc. family descendants researching their Leclerc ancestors, with special resources to help them out. For those of you interested in consulting our Leclerc resources on the web, please visit L'Éclair Généalogique. Should you encounter one of those famous brickwalls, a member of the team in place will gladly help you out.

We hope, in time, to add information about the life and history of our other ancestors, who are most probably some of yours as well.  If you find them in our databases, and would like to share some information of your own, by all means, drop us a line at the e-mail address listed below.  We will be very grateful for the additional information, and will gladly give you credit for it.

Our main goal is to help promote and facilitate the exchange of genealogical and historical information between genealogists and researchers.  Therefore, our family  would like to share with you the results of our many years of research, mainly on our ancestors and their affiliated families: Jacques Énaud-dit-Canada and his wife Marie Leroux, Robert Leclerc and his wife Marie Jalais, and many others as well. You will find all the pertinent information in our database, and we hope that it will be helpful to you in your research.  For obvious reasons, the research notes and sources are not included on line, but are available to those who ask for it.

Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated and taken into consideration.  Please advise us if you wish to add information to our databases, or should you find errors. We will gladly make the necessary corrections and additions.


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